How To Identify A Good Business Opportunity: 7 Points You Must Consider

By Yunar Winardi

These days, we see many business opportunities coming in and out very fast, often we feel overwhelmed about this info. Choosing the good one is not an easy task to do. To filter out the offers we can identify several factors, including: the company, the product, the system, the compensation plan, how do we get paid, cost to start up, and support from the company.

1. The company:

The company behind the business is very important. You must be able to check the background of the company. When the company founded, who is behind the company, whether it debt free etc.

They should disclose their board of directors, staff, and office physical address.

It is a plus point if you can verify them through a government website about their company.

2. The product:

High quality product is a must in any business, not all people interested in the system or compensation plan. Many people still looking for the great product for them to be used personally or to be sold again. The product can be physical product, or services as long as it useful for most people. Do not be fooled by a business opportunity that does not have any product, that business will not long lasting, we can called it money game.

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3. The system:

If we found the system is hard to follow, then it will hard for others to follow and understand too therefore you will not make money easily from it.

When people feel easy to run the business opportunity they will interested and the rate of success is higher.

Try to find a system that anybody can follow, this will help our success in this business.

4. The compensation plan:

Is the commission fair to you? Some company require you to make a pair of sales, or binary sale or even make a series of sales before your receive commission. Try to find the compensation plan that pay you even you only made 1 sale, they must reward your effort.

5. How do we get paid?

Are they offered us payment via bank account, ATM card or any other system. Choose the one with the easiest way for you to withdraw your commissions.

Some company will ask us to wait 30 days or more before they sent our commission. You can find the shortest period, bi-weekly, weekly daily or real time. The shortest is the best.

6. Small amount money to startup:

Find the company with relatively small amount of money to start up with. Be careful with small charge at first but it recurring every month, you can end up with huge cost.

If the cost recurring monthly choose under $10

If it one time cost with real products, you can choose from $100 to $1000 (depend on the product).

7. Good support from the company:

Choose the company that gives you fast response of support. A good company will listen to their member’s opinion to improve the business.

This way will give you the feeling of secure when you need anything to ask or a problem to solved, related to your business opportunity.

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