Great Dining In Belfast

Submitted by: Susan Ashby

It is quite easy to find a good place to eat in Belfast. However, if you are looking for the perfect place in the city for a romantic lunch or dinner, the following are excellent places to start.

For those really hot dates when you want to impress the lady in your life and money is no object, the following four restaurants should rank highly on your list:

(1) The King’s Head

Located at 829 Lisburn Road (Tel: 9050 9950), The King’s Head has recently undergone massive refurbishment but is now open once again. With its sumptuous delights that combine fresh food with the unique local character, it has quickly established itself as one of the most popular venues on Lisburn Road. The restaurant can accommodate up to 120 people.

(2) Live Lounge, Gastro Pub & Bee

The Live Lounge is a superb venue for couples or for groups of friends. It provides visitors with a complete entertainment experience all under one roof. The ambience is decidedly luxurious, but not too formal. When it comes to customer service, the staff here will treat you like an old friend.

(3) Cayenne Restaurant


Located on 7 Ascot House, Shaftsbury Square (Tel: 9033 1532), Cayenne Restaurant quickly made a name for itself among discerning Belfast diners because of its two famous chefs, Paul and Jeanne Rankin. Their cuisine has been described as original and funky, made from the highest quality ingredients. Pre theatre menus cost only about 12.

(4) Restaurant Michael Deane

Located on the first floor on 36-40 Howard Street (Tel: 028 9033 1134), the Restaurant Michael Deane is easy to spot because of the brasserie on the ground floor. This is Belfast’s only Michelin starred restaurant and is renowned for its exquisite food. However, despite its stature, this is not a stuffy place so banish those second thoughts and drop on in.

For those who prefer spending a mid-size budget rather than splurging on food, the following are excellent dining locations in Belfast.

(1) The Apartment

One of the city’s most stylish venues, The Apartment offers a breath-taking view over City Hall. Located at 2 Donegall Square West (Tel: 9050 9777), this cosmopolitan bar and restaurant is a great date venue whether you’re having lunch, dinner, cocktails, wine or even just coffee and croissants. When night falls, the place starts jumping as some of the leading DJs in Belfast hold court amid some of the finest wine and champagne that Belfast has to offer.

(2) The Northern Whig

If you want to bask in sultry and uniquely European style, you will be hard-pressed to find a better venue than The Northern Whig. Located at 2-10 Bridge Street (Tel: 9050 9880), it has a unique ambience that is exclusively its own. There are huge granite statues showing Communist workers in different poses, said to have been acquired by the owner right after the fall of Communism in Prague. At night, The Northern Whig offers live music and an extensive selection of house cocktails that are a huge hit.

(3) Caf Paul Rankin

If you want to rub elbows with Northern Ireland’s premiere celebrity chef, then this is the place to visit. With branches at 12-14 Arthur St, 27-29 Fountain St and Castle Court Shopping Centre, this caf is the house that Paul Rankin built, in addition to his restaurant and regular appearances on BBC Television. It provides a decidedly modern twist on Northern Irish Classics such as sophisticated wraps, sandwiches, soups and cakes.

(4) Mercury Bar & Grill

The original Italian restaurant in Belfast is still widely regarded as the best place for Italian food, plus the prices are not so bad either. Located at 451 Ormeau Rd (Tel: 9064 9017), Mercury Bar and Grill offers its main courses at 7 to 15, which is ridiculously low for the quality of food that they deliver.

(5)Bennett’s Caf & Restaurant

Among the city’s caf society, this caf is hands-down the best caf /restaurant in East Belfast. Located at 4 Belmont Rd (Tel: 9065 6590), Bennett’s Caf and Restaurant provides exquisite and freshly made culinary delights from early in the day to late at night, every single day. The main courses are available for just 10.

(6) The Northern Whig Bar and Restaurant

This is a sister company of The Northern Whig and is located on the same street, but The Northern Whig Bar and Restaurant specializes in Irish cuisine above everything else. Also located on Bridge Street (Tel: 9050 9888), The Northern Whig Bar and Restaurant is open from 12pm-9pm on Mondays to Saturdays and from 1pm to 9pm on Sundays. The main courses are available for 7- 13.

(7) Ba Soba

Located at 38 Hill St. behind the Cathedral (Tel: 9058 6868), Ba Soba is a popular brasserie that is frequented by people from far and wide.

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Enjoy The Extreme Beauty Of Natural Light Cosmetic Dentistry Enhancing Appeal Of Your Smile}

Enjoy the extreme beauty of natural lightCosmetic dentistry- enhancing appeal of your smile



Teeth are one of the natural aspects which every human is given. Though it is a very common and natural thing but you need to realize that a healthy pair of teeth is not only necessary for chewing your food but also for as a whole personality. As you know many a times you do comment on the personality of many people but than when you consider personality as a whole than every aspect comes into consideration. It’s not only about your looks, attire or the accessories but if a total personality is to be judged than even your teeth is taken into consideration. Your teeth speak a lot as if it’s a clean nice pair of teeth than automatically the other person will have a positive perception about you. Similarly if it is vice a versa than it will create a negative impression even if you are in your best attire. Thus, for various reasons you may have not shiny teeth but than a little bit of eagerness can give you shiny pearl kinds of teeth. If you are not privilege with a shiny pair of teeth than you can now easily have them as in market there are various remedy and ways.

Don’t you desire to have a pearl shiny smile, of course this is desired by all, but the main question is how to get it. If you do a proper research in this aspect you will have a large number of medications, treatment etc to have whitening teeth. Thus, there are various ways of getting good shiny teeth with teeth whitening Melbourne

or through various expertise cosmetic dentistry Melbourne treatment. Therefore, now you can easily approach a good dentist in order to have a healthy pair of teeth. A beautiful smile with pearl shiny teeth always attracts everyone and gives a positive vibe in the environment. If you are very confident about your self nothing can let you down. In this regard a good clean pair of teeth is a confident booster. If you see in general than you will see that there are various reasons which is the basic reasons of having un clean teeth, many a times you see that there is a yellow layer in the teeth and this really a bad thing as it lowers your confidence. Now if you having such problem and want to have a clean shiny pair of teeth than do take the treatments given by teeth whitening treatment Melbourne or cosmetic dentistry Melbourne. If you comprehend properly than you will come to know that there are various ways of getting the best smile meaning having a nice pair of shiny teeth. This you can have by taking various treatments available for your teeth that is zoom Whitening Melbourne kit which is very effective. So, if you really have such kinds of problems than get a zoom whitening Melbourne kit consulting an expert dentist regarding its use and value. Thus, in this regard you can avail the best benefits from White my smile of UK.

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About Computerized Sewing Machine

About Computerized Sewing Machine


Tom Buggie

Technology has broght many changes to clothing industry. computerized sewing machine could be one of the greatest inventions in this industry. Nowadays, many home and business users are turning to computerized sewing machine to have their sewing task carried out very easily and efficiently. For individuals who perform lots of of repetitive stitching, this machine will be a perfect gift. It can be easily programmed to take over these repetitive tasks.


Generally, the mode of operation of the computerized sewing machine is much similar to the conventional type, except it runs with a central processing unit (CPU) which controls the sewing, and other electronic parts, rather than mechanical components.

Most computerized sewing machine comes with an LCD (black and white) display screen, on which information such as the stitch selection, the length of the stitch, what the stitch will look like are displayed. Some models even have the error code shown when you happen to choose a wrong stitching options. Other common features that available in a computerized sewing machine would be an automatic needle threader, hundreds of stitch choices, one-step buttonholing, multiple needle positions, mirror imaging, automatic stitch sequences, button for startup and stop and a lot more.

The benefit of a using a computerized sewing machine is that a complicated sewing and embroidery work can be simplified considerably. The time needed to produce great looking pieces of garment would be much less. And majority of these machines are lightweight and compact in size. So it is truely portable that you can carry it around or to your sewing class. Well, nothing is perfect in this world; it does come with a drawback such as should something go wrong with the sewing machine, the whole machine will require check-up, which makes repair cost higher than usual.

With the large number of brands available today, shopping for the right machine might be quite a challenging task. Before spending any of your hard earned money, it’s important to research all the options in full. Defnitely, not all brands will have the same exact features or the same price. Commonly, factors such as budget, features, size and weight, service and warranty should be considered. A quick and simple suggestion would be if you have never used one before then it would be best not to go for the most advanced and expensive models.

Though the computerized sewing machine prices are usually more costly than the traditional version, it will still be a good investment if you consider the time-savings and quality of the sewings it produces.

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About Computerized Sewing Machine

The Numerous Commercial Insurance Options Available To You


There are many things that go into owning and operating a successful business. The first thing you want to do is make sure you have products and services that are of the highest quality. You’ll also want to ensure that there’s a market for the products and services that you provide. You’ll also want to hire the right staff and making quantifiable headway in marketing your business. However, when it comes to protecting your business, not only are good security systems important, but so is the wide variety of commercial insurance options.

When you look at commercial insurance, you may be very surprised by the many different options there are. Some of the more common types of insurance options include property insurance, liability insurance, and workers compensation insurance. However, there is a long list of alternative policies that are available for businesses of all different types.

It’s important to understand that not all of these alternative policies are going to be required for your business. Some policies are specific to different types of businesses and, in some cases, these specialty policies may be required by local and state governments. For example, in some states, a restaurant, bar or a pub may be required to purchase alcohol insurance. This is the type of insurance that covers your business if you’re sued because someone were to get drunk and go out and injure somebody in a car accident.

There are other types of insurance policies that offer coverage if you were to lose a valued employee. In addition, there are also umbrella policies that cover your business through property insurance, liability, and even workers compensation insurance should the limits of your initial coverage be exceeded.

When it comes to commercial insurance options, your choices are going to be many, and it’s important to know which policies are going to be right for your business. That’s why, if you want to Request a Quote on commercial insurance, you may want to speak with an expert in commercial insurance. These commercial insurance experts can help you to understand the various different specialty policies. They can also help you determine whether any of the specialty policies need to be added to your basic commercial insurance in order to protect your business properly.

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Do You Need A Two Car Garage In Wilmington, De?


Do you currently have an attached one-car garage that is not big enough to house your vehicles? Maybe you have an attached two-car garage that you want to turn into a living space. Regardless of the scenario, you need to find a builder who exclusively builds structures such as garages, dog houses, animal shelters, and storage facilities. Doing so will make it easier to make improvements to your property.

What Does the Builder Build?

For example, if you contact a contractor who provides buildings such as a two-car garage in Wilmington, DE, you will also want to make sure that he or she can build similar types of structures. You want to make sure that he or she takes great pride in his or her work and that he or she can meet all your structural and building requirements.

That is why the contractor should know how to build more than two-car garage structures. He or she should be able to handle a variety of building tasks so you can upgrade your property with more proficiency. By choosing a custom builder, you will find that you can get the garage you need in a smaller space of time. You can also have the building built with fewer distractions and disruptions.

Customizing Your Garage

That is because a builder of two-car garage buildings knows all about the customization process. He or she will work with you from the start of the project until its completion to make sure that you are fully satisfied. He or she can also offer the same type of service when he or she builds other similar structures. Use this contractor for all your needs along these lines.

Who to Contact Online

If you would like to know more about building a two-car detached garage, contact today online. Take time to review the product and build offerings before you make a final decision. Obtain a free quote by calling the company at any time during regular business hours.

If You Have Been In An Accident, Do You Need A Lawyer?

By Jody Ehrhardt

If you have been in an accident, whether at work, in an automobile or under some other circumstances, you may be wondering if you need to seek the advice and counsel of an attorney. On one hand there are the advertisements by lawyers on television that insist that you need their help to protect your rights. On the other hand, the insurance company that is handling your claim may insist that they are doing everything necessary for your interest and health. Who should you believe?

In most cases it is advisable to seek the counsel of an attorney. Even if you do not end up hiring him or her to represent you, it is a good idea to at least consult with them to make sure that you understand all of the legal repercussions of your injury. Many times, certain laws or rights maybe unknown to you, or worse, the insurance company may not willingly inform you of all of your rights.

In order to get what you deserve and need from any accident settlement, it is important to follow a few standard guidelines. First, as soon as possible after the accident, even if you think it might have been your fault, you need to at least seek an initial consultation with an attorney. Although you may feel as though you cannot afford legal help, it can be more costly to ignore your case or try to process it alone. Through an initial consultation a lawyer can help you determine whether you even have a case, who is at fault if you do, what actions can be taken and advise you about any time limits you face before your case would be invalid. It is also a good idea to speak with a lawyer before speaking to anyone else about the case. This includes any one at your place of employment, the other party’s insurance companies and their lawyers.


By deciding not to retain a lawyer, you could also be losing out on money that you will need in the future. For example, if the other party’s insurance company states that they will pay your medical bills, you may feel as though that is fair. But what happens if any of the symptoms come back after your initial treatment? Since you have already settled with the insurance they are not likely to come back and pick up the tab for further medical or hospital bills. Another disadvantage to settling with an insurance company without first speaking to a lawyer is that in some cases you may not notice or feel the consequences of your injuries until months after the accident. In these cases, lawyers are experienced enough to know what the long-term effects of certain injuries can be and they can help to protect you from future financial problems due to medical issues or setbacks.

In the case of an automobile accident, it is always a good idea to retain the services of an attorney, even if you where the only party injured in the accident or if you feel that the accident was definitely your fault. Many times what victims of an accident say at the time of the incident will change once they have had a chance to talk their attorney, insurance company or even friends. In order to protect yourself from further fault, you should hire an attorney to defend you against any false claims.

In the case of a work related accident you should always seek legal advice. Most workmen’s compensation cases are very complex and the outcome of any trial could greatly affect your future workload and financial security.

Any other type of accident that does not fall under these guidelines should also be taken to a lawyer, at least for an initial review. Only an attorney can tell you for sure if legal representation is necessary in your case.

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, a website where you can find a lawyer in your city or state, including

Boat accident lawyers and

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Why Is Communication Important?

Why communication is considered so important? At a very basic level, it is vital to any human encounter. Communication allows us to develop a civilized society and to transmit knowledge from one generation to another. It dramatically distinguishes humans from other forms of life. It allows us to organize and work together in groups. In fact, without communication, there can be no social organization.

Communication then is important to human society and to organizations in general. Its importance is even more pronounced for more pronounced for business organizations specifically. If you thing about them, these words of communication expert Harold Janis are certainly true: “The word of business is a world of action. Products are designed, made and sold. People are learned and performed. Yet there is no practical way in which any of these events can take place without communication.”

Although communication has always been essential for business, it is especially important today – given current business trends. Companies tend to be larger than ever, and more mergers and acquisitions are on the way. Departments within a company may be spread all over the country, or even the world. With larger companies has come an increase in the number of hierarchical level and the complexity of organizational patterns. At the same time, the more complex the organization, the more specialized the job each person performs within that organization. This trend toward experts, in turn, leads to increased use of specialized language, or jargon, which only experts can understand. Add to all of this the increase in the constituencies – such as community groups, special interest groups, labor, and government – with whom business people must now communicate, along with their traditional audiences, such as clients, subordinates, and superiors. These additional audiences, of course, mean additional communication. Trends in management style –away from the strictly authoritarian and toward the more collaborative – also make communication more important than ever.

And, as if this weren’t enough, recent developments in the electronic communication field are changing the ways in which we can communicate. For example, using electronic mail, we3 can type message to one another by means of a computer terminal. Teleconferencing allows us to see and speak with a group of people who are not all in the same place. Word processing makes it easier for us to change our writing. In summary, all these trends lead to more need for an opportunity to communicate in business.

Besides being important in today’s changing business environment, effective communication will be important for your personal satisfaction and success. Through communication, you will be able to clarify your concepts and ideas. You will be able to understand, persuade, and work with other people. In many ways, your success will be based on your ability to communicate: sometimes the only proof of your good work will be the written report or the oral presentation culminating a project.

Not only will you find communication important, chances are you will find yourself spending most of your time at work communicating: writing, talking with a group, talking to one person, listening, or reading. Many students imagine communication will account for only a small percentage of their work time. Various surveys, however, prove that business people in fact spend from 60 to 90 percent of their time at work communicating. The specific amount of time will vary with your business, your company and your working style.

Furthermore the higher you move in your organization, the more communicating you are likely to do. Supervisors must communicate more than technicians, for example, and managers more than supervisors. As management expert Peter Drucker says: “If you work as a soda jerker you will, of course, not need much skill in expressing yourself to be effective. If you work on a machine your ability to express yourself will be of little importance. But as soon as you move one step up from the bottom, your effectiveness depends on your ability to reach others through the spoken or the written word. And the further away your job is from manual work, the larger the organization of which you are an employee, the more important it will be that you know how to convey your thoughts in writing or speaking.” One study concludes that first-level supervisors spend 74 percent of their time communicating, send-level managers 81 percent, and third-level managers 87 percent. Another study shows that CEOs spend 78 percent of their time in oral communication alone.

Privacy Fences In Woodbury, Mn Have More Value Than Just Keeping Things Hidden


Most fences have some small gaps. Stylistically, they are necessary, but it is not the preference of everyone. Some fences (at least to certain shoppers) aren’t doing their job all that well if they can be seen-through with ease. This brings buyers directly to the very special and the peculiar privacy fence style.


In form and function, Fences in Woodbury, MN separate one area from another. Privacy fences take it one step further by not allowing a sightline through the fence. They are usually designed in vinyl and they exist for various forms of privacy. Hiding some brand new outdoor item from an easy sightline is rather important. It could also be used to keep pets in or to keep a dog from barking at anything that walks by (they won’t be able to see it after all). There are reasons (outside of privacy) that make privacy fences a useful addition to the landscape.

The need for privacy fences in Woodbury, MN is usually something more than just wanting to remain unseen. For example, a new hot tub hook-up could be clunky and ugly. Obviously, it can’t be moved underground cheaply. The best thing to do is cover it with a fence. They also keep children and animals away, as well as out of sight.

Privacy fences could block out light or sound. People living next to a major road artery suffer noise pollution throughout their day, and the city is not obliged to provide cover. Light during certain hours of the day will pop right through most kinds of fences, but a privacy fence built right will block the morning light and funnel it up and over the yard.

Contact us for rates on privacy fences in the state. Do not be alarmed that privacy fences set a tone of secrecy. There are many perfectly legitimate and sensible reasons for opting for privacy fences. They do not have to imply something mysterious. Sometimes, they work perfectly.

Gemstones: Nature’s Gift Of Beauty And Rarity

Submitted by: Ron Peterson

The naturally occurring gemstone is a crystalline form of a mineral. Desirable for their beauty, gemstones are also loved for their rarity and durability. As adornments in jewelry, gemstones can bring enjoyment for generations. While many gems have remained popular for years, some are rare collector stones that have only been discovered recently.


The much-loved emerald is admired for its radiant green color. The top quality emeralds are considered even more valuable than diamonds. For centuries, fantastic stories have grown up around this magnificent gem and in some cultures the gemstone held great power. For instance, in South America the Incas and Aztecs considered the emerald a holy gemstone. Indian maharajas believed the green emerald to possess healing and good luck powers. They were so valued in ancient Egyptian society that the pharaohs who ruled between 3,000 to 1,500 B.C. exhausted their plentitude in Cleopatra’s Mines. Today’s best emeralds hail mostly from Colombia, where there are nearly 150 known emerald deposits, although not all are currently being mined. These stones are known to be especially fine with an emerald green color that is the most highly esteemed in the international emerald trade industry. Emeralds are also harvested in places such as Zambia, Brazil, Madagascar, India and Russia, which have produced some interesting and rare variations and have provided additional sources of emeralds for an eager market.



Long associated with power, passion and love, the ruby has long been considered one of the most valuable gemstones in existence. Its brilliance, hardness and gorgeous color are preferred characteristics of a precious stone. In its finest form, a ruby is called a “Burmese ruby.” This does not necessarily mean the stone’s origin is Burma, but that it possesses the rich, full red color with a slight bluish hue, such as those found in the famous deposits of Burma (now called Myanmar). Other ruby deposits are found in Pakistan, Laos, Kashmir, Nepal and Afghanistan. The rubies of India possess many inclusions, but are still suited to be cut as beads or cabochons. East Africa is another site that has recently become a site for rubies. While some very fine rubies were mined from Kenya and Tanzania in the 1960s, they are mostly a rarity. Typically, these stones are considered average in quality. The ruby’s most important feature is its color, with transparency being of secondary importance. Inclusions, therefore, do not impair the quality of the stone unless it should decrease the stone’s transparency. In fact, these imperfections are known to give a ruby its individuality and help to provide proof of its natural origin.


Earlier civilizations believed that the firmament was actually an immense blue sapphire in which the earth was embedded. It’s not hard to believe that theory when one considers all the blue shades the sky and sapphires both contain. Sapphires also come in a variety of other colors such as yellow, pink, orange, and purple. However, blue remains the much favored color. Found in India, Burma, Ceylon, Thailand and Brazil, and Vietnam to name a few, sapphires are cut by skilled craftsmen who respect the stone is that is not only durable, but it also produces various colors and intensities of color, depending on which angle it is viewed. The challenge for the cutter is to bring out the stone to its very best advantage. The most precious blue sapphires came from Kashmir in the 1880s. These stones created a lasting impression on people’s idea of a first-class sapphire’s color. The intense blue with subtle violet undertones does not change with artificial light.


Coveted by royalty for generations, the amethyst has had numerous powers attributed to it by a variety of cultures. It has occupied a prominent position in the ornaments of the Catholic clergy because of its representation of chastity and piety. Therefore, it has served as the stone of bishops and clergy.When heated, the amethyst changes its color. Smoky stones turn shining yellow to brownish-red when heated by temperatures of 250 degrees. Meanwhile, stones with high transparency turn yellow or colorless at 400 degrees. Note to amethyst wearers: this tendency to change colors can render an amethyst colorless in daylight so avoid sunbathing while wearing an amethyst. Amethysts are imported from Brazil, Uruguay and Madagascar. However, valuable specimens can be found all over the world. In North America, Lake Superior on the Canadian side is home to Amethyst Harbor. Here, violet quartz is found in generous quantities although it is not considered gemstone quality. At one time, Russia’s Empress Catherine the Great enlisted thousands of miners into the Urals to mine for amethyst. While Uruguay produces beautifully rich amethyst of the deepest color, much of it is blemished. It’s not surprising then that truly immaculate stones can fetch fairly high prices from those who covet its violet brilliance.

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Guidelines To Secure Yourself From The Scammers

Submitted by: Scam Rip

Internet crime, a bad crime influence online shoppers, is increasing each year. The internet has been a typical avenue for both customers and sellers to control their business. Obviously, fraudsters will develop some of the system’s defects to make quick cash. These are various ways to guard you from online crime. Protect your private information – Never reveal your personal or banking information except you are making a serious purchase. You should only provide you social security number when you are required to do so. Never give it in response to an uncalled for e-mail. A process to avoid being a victim of Internet crime is to for all time be cautious when given that private information. Not at all trust uninvited mail – Mail from unidentified senders should be ignored. Responding to these mails will only confirm the validity of your e-mail account which can show the way to more fake activities.

Decide the seller’s individuality – Before buying items from online public sale internet sites like eBay and Craigslist, find out if the particular company really exists. You can do it by visit the local customer guard agency at your area. Obtain the company’s physical address and come across out what type of company they are. Payment strategies – Recognize the different payment techniques the merchant accepts. Know wherever and how to launch the payment. Make certain the site is protected if you are creation an online payment. Ask regarding return and guarantee policies – Ask the release date and the probable entrance of your purchased item. You require to also find out the sellers guarantee policy or if you can swap the item in case of any defects.


Not at all purchase or sell to places from out of the country such as Nigeria, Ghana and Africa etc. These are once more fraudsters by means of stolen credit cards and if they do pay you, fine that money is certain to be stolen which will be retracted from your account so you must be unable to find out basically. Always email or contact them a number of other way if unsure. Ask for a tracking number for a precious item. This way you can track the item and you will know that they have sent it.

Shipping Costs – Some sellers have part shipping and delivery charges, at the same time as others include those charges in the price. High demands sales – Internet scammers would not at all give you the time to think carefully about your decision. They’d frequently require an instant reply to buy and would ask you to make a sum at the moment. You require staying away from these practices. Never wire payments previous to receiving the thing – dealings through wire payments should be avoided. Many of this communication are fraudulent. Use Cards – between all of the dissimilar transaction techniques, credit cards present the best and safest way to pay for purchases online. You can differ with mistaken charges with the company if any problem appears. On the other hand you need to also charming compulsory cares when giving away your card number, mainly via e-mail.

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which is an awareness creating site for Internet scam protection

. He has written many articles regarding various Ghana scams and its cautions



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