Dentists: Why They Often Support Brushing A Baby’s Gums Early On

Dentists: Why They Often Support Brushing a Baby’s Gums Early On


Anna Woodward

Most parents of babies do not see a need to pay much attention to the tooth or gum health of their infant. This is because if they do not have teeth yet, it may seem odd to need to worry about possible dental issues. While in most cases, it is not necessary to brush your baby’s teeth until the first tooth comes in, many dentists recommend getting a routine started before this point. Find out why this is.

You probably have a bedtime routine that you do with your infant, which may include bath time, story time, and one last feeding before bed. You will probably continue this schedule for years with your child, as most kids thrive on set routines since they are comfortable. Of course, once your baby gets teeth, you will have to add brushing to the bedtime schedule. If you do not want to make a major alteration to the bedtime activities at that point, you should try to make it now, before the infant starts noticing and reacting negatively to change.


In fact, adults are often more resistant to change than children are, which is why many dentists recommend starting the routine early. It will help you get used to it, which may be hard to do once you get to know a particular routine. Therefore, this recommendation is as much for your benefit as your child’s, so try to heed the advice as soon as possible.

Your baby will not start developing plaque in the mouth until the first tooth comes in, so this may not be a big issue right now. However, as you switch from breast milk or formula to infant cereal and solids, you will see a need to begin paying attention to the health of your baby’s mouth. The breath may not smell as good as it once did, and tiny bits of food may become stuck on the gums or tongue. Thus, it is wise to buy a toothbrush designed just for babies, and start at least brushing the gums to kept the area clean.

If you are not sure when to start brushing your infant’s teeth, you should think about their current routine and diet. If you are about to switch up the bedtime schedule anyway, you may as well add brushing to it. Additionally, if you will introduce solids soon, you should consider starting to brush the gums to ensure that the mouth stays clean and fresh. The next step is browsing pediatric dentists near you for your child’s first dental checkup.

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