Funeral Homes And 5 Grief Stages

Funeral Homes and 5 Grief Stages



When a loved one has passed away, funeral homes can help you take care of many of the arrangements. You’ll have to make decisions about burial, caskets, cremation, urns, plots, and more. No matter the age of your loved one or the reasons for his or her death, this is still one of life’s most difficult experiences. To help you get through the grief stages intact, it’s helpful to join support groups or work with a therapist who is trained in helping ease clients through the grief process. In order to heal, there are five stages to go through: denial, anger, bartering, depression, and acceptance.

1. Denial: When someone dies, survivors often avoid the pain by denying it. During this stage, individuals typically feel emotionally numb. They may avoid thinking about what’s happened by staying busy, sleeping a lot, drinking too much, or other coping strategies in order to not feel pain. Because there are lots of formalities and plans to make with funeral homes, insurance companies and lawyers, it’s easy to initially slip into denial mode.

2. Anger: Once the reality of their loss sinks in, survivors may feel angry. They may be mad at life, their higher power, the deceased, themselves, and anyone else who steps into their path. It’s understandable to feel rage at the world when a beloved loved one has died from a disease, an accident, or even old age. It’s always too soon to lose a loved one.

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3. Bartering: During this stage, survivors process their grief with a series of “what if’s.” They may reason, rationalize, and agonize over what has happened. “If only he’d worn his seat belt,” “… taken his medicine,” or “…exercised more.” This is a time for regrets and sometimes guilt about a perceived mistake made during the final portion of the loved one’s life.

4. Depression: Next, depression often settles in over survivors like a black cloud. During this stage, individuals may cry, become apathetic, or lose interest in friends, work, food, and life, in general. If a counselor’s help hasn’t been sought yet, this is definitely the time for some assistance. The good news is that the next step is acceptance, which is the final stage.

5. Acceptance: After reeling through a series of intense and uncomfortable emotions during the grief process, eventually the grieving individual will reach the acceptance stage. This is when the survivor emerges with a richer and more thorough understanding of the circle of life.

If you’ve lost a beloved family member or friend, funeral homes can help you with all of the burial and ceremony arrangements. For dealing with the grief stages, it’s wise to get additional help. A trained therapist or support group can work wonders to help you heal during this difficult part of life.

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Funeral Homes and 5 Grief Stages