Health Insurance In India And Personal Accident Insurance

Health Insurance In India And Personal Accident Insurance



Living standards have improved dramatically so are increased incomes. This has further triggered cost of living and medical costs are no exception. With more and more people realizing the importance and benefits of getting insured for health, the impression of health insurance in India is no longer limited to a particular section. In urban areas, you will find more people having some type of medical insurance and personal accident insurance than in rural locations. In fact, concept of health insurance in India in rural areas is still in a dormant stage; it will take years for the perception to be well accepted. Awareness programs need to be conducted here to make people know about it and avail its benefits.

There is hardly any individual who is not exposed to any of the various health hazards. Without pre-warning, it can strike anyone. It can be a disease or a bodily injury and if it requires hospitalization, you will have to go for it immediately otherwise it will take a toll on your life. As aforesaid, medical expenses have skyrocketed over the years. Your months or years of savings may be all gone in seconds. If you have a medical insurance, you will get cover for the expenses incurred. And it is not only you but also your family members who can get the benefits of health insurance. The only difference noticeable is the premium amount. Premium differs from policy to policy. Generally, it is a one-time meager premium that needs to be paid for health insurance in India. The premium amount won t affect your budget at all.


Health emergencies may crop up from various factors viz. physical condition, environment, accident, occupational, lifestyle, travel and more. Before medical expenses take a toll on your financial wellbeing buy health insurance in India and stay protected.

There is difference between medical insurance and personal accident insurance, especially in terms of benefits covered. Accidents occur surprisingly, all of a sudden and the intensity of the injury caused cannot be predicted beforehand. Dealing with the associated financial instability related to an accident can be served only with a personal accident insurance.

Personal accident insurance generally covers any of death, temporary total disability, permanent partial disability, and permanent total disability. An accident can even lead to loss of earning capacity. So, buy a personal accident insurance with the highest level of cover available and live a worry-free life.

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