Justifying How Much Hair Transplant In Dubai Cost?

Justifying how much hair transplant in Dubai cost?


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This is something very natural because before finalizing about the purchase, people would ofcourse would like to know if their affordability criteria allows them going for it. There are many products and services in the market about which people think that they are very costly. This happens due to that fact that people just look at the product or the service but do not realize several other associated factors that are also to be covered in the cost.

It may not take a very long time for you to decide on buying if the cost of item you are purchasing is an ordinary one. However, if that happens to be a major purchase or investment such as buying a car or going for a surgical service like hair transplant, then you may have several ifs and buts floating through your mind. This is because the surgery is more like a major purchase, so you do not want to end up wasting money.

For something that is exclusive and expensive, you would ofcourse want to get it purchased from somewhere which is famous and reliable. If we talk in terms of location then ofcourse Dubai is known to be the best all over the world. Having said so, it may not be wrong to say that


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cost would also be very much on the higher side. However, if compared with other parts of the world like U.S, U.K, Canada and Australia it is still very much reasonable.

It cannot be stated that what was the exact date and time when for the first time hair transplant was introduced in Dubai and other parts of the world. Nevertheless, one thing is for sure that it involved removal of hair in the form of strip from the donor area due to which it became famous as strip hair transplant. After removal, the strip is divided into small grafts under the microscope which are then implanted in the hair less regions.

With so many people and particularly some of the internationally famous celebrities underwent the hair transplant surgery by strip method that went on to have a telling impact in the world of cosmetic surgery. Since there is always a room for improvement, so that paved way for the evolution of

FUE hair transplant Dubai

. Although there was nothing wrong with the strip method due to which it is still in practice but the FUE technique obtains even better results.

The only drawback that is associated with the strip method is the linear scar which is left at the back of the head where the cut is made. The scar is not very much conspicuous and mostly hidden, but does not make this procedure truly ideal for female hair transplant. If we try to compare strip and FUE method, the grafting of hair is same in both methods but maximum hair density is ensured by the latter. Nevertheless, the FUE hair transplant cost Dubai is certainly higher than that of strip because it involves lot of time and expertise from the surgeon.

Established in 2005 by one of the American Board Certified Doctors, Mr. Farhat Bokhari, Dubai Cosmetic Surgery has emerged as the leading cosmetic surgery center in Dubai and considered as the reliable

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Center in UAE

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