Medical Malpractice New York A Complete Act Of Negligence

Submitted by: George Turner

Medical malpractice is a shameful act which is committed by a doctor while treating the patient carelessly. Due to the carelessness of the professional, victim has to suffer a lot in terms of money and besides that this act may also lead a patient to the death. Sometimes many patients have to face critical situation even in a small injury just because of not paying proper attention by the doctor. Medical malpractice case generally comes under the category of personal injury cases. This is a type of case in which lawsuit settlement companies advice you for pre-settlement funding. When the victim of New York wants to file a lawsuit against the professional then he/she should hire the services of a lawyer dealing with the medical malpractice New York cases.

After hiring a lawyer, the case usually goes to a trial in front of the judge and if the jury gives his decision against the professional then the damages caused are assessed in monetary terms. It is not necessary that the case would surely go for a trial as in some cases patient and doctor both agree for out of court settlement instead of going for a trial. There is a facility for the people who usually do not want to file a lawsuit because of the expenditure involved then they should be aware of suing a medical practitioner in the court. Victims are eligible to take the support of private financing companies for this purpose. The finance provided by these companies are being utilized to pay off expenses for each day and to clarify the extra bills related to filing a lawsuit against the doctor. A medical malpractice New York case used to take much time to get solved as compared to other cases of personal injury like a slip-and-fall case or a case of car accident.


There are number of reasons that are responsible to make the process of solving a medical malpractice case so slow. One of the most important factors that lead to the slow processing of the case is that the doctors usually tend to prove them innocent by giving fake statements. As a non-professional fails to understand the medical terms so the doctors tend to show their misdeeds as normal complications involved in the treatment. These medical professionals try to proclaim their act of medical malpractice as a case of genuine complications that occurred at the time of an operation or a surgery. If the doctor does not succeed in proving his innocence and the medical board identifies his fault then they can take the right of medical practice back from the concerned professional and the hospital in which the medical malpractice act is being committed can lose their privileges. In New York there are several cases filed against this practice every now and then.

As it seems that in the settlement of the medical malpractice New York case so many parties at stake as the image of hospital as well as the doctor and the insurance companies providing the finance for lawsuit. So it takes a long time to sort out the case.

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