Softball Tips How To Stay Healthy During Recession}

Softball Tips How to Stay Healthy During Recession


Marc-Olivier Dagenais

As a softball player, it is very important for you stay physically and mentally tough so, that you would be able to help your team win the game. And, of course, one of the primary ways for you to remain in tip top shape is to eat healthy foods. Unfortunately, with the economy slump, the prices of products and services that you would normally avail of are ever increasing and it is becoming increasingly difficult to stay on your budget when you go out to buy food.

But worry no more. Here are some softball nutrition tips that I am sharing with you that would help you to remain healthy without hurting your budget.

Work Out a Meal Plan

When you are in a grocery store or supermarket, it is highly likely that you would be tempted to grab whatever food fancies you. This is especially true when you buy groceries when you are hungry. In order to cut down on grocery expenses, carefully list down what you plan to cook and eat each week. You should base your grocery list on your meal plan and be sure to stick to it. Otherwise, you may find yourself having unnecessary expenses and you may even gain weight from all the food you buy.

Opt to Cook Your Meals

It is very tempting to order in food or dine at your favorite restaurant, especially when you are already tired from playing softball, from working or from studying. And when you do this often, your food budget would only last for a short time and you have to continuously jack up your budget for that. So, instead of eating out or ordering take out, it is better for you to cook your own meals. You would be able to save more money and at the same time, you would surely be able to eat healthy foods.

Prepare a Packed Meal

When you are at a softball tournament, it is very easy for you to just order from the concession stand and more often than not, the foods that are served contain high fat content that is bad for your body. It is best for you to pack your meal such as snacks when you play softball so, that you can be sure that the foods that you bring with you are nutritious and good for you. At the same time, you would be able to save more money.

Use Water Filter Pitcher and Refillable Water Bottles

As a softball player, you need to keep hydrated, especially when you are playing under a hot weather. To replenish whatever fluids you lost, you need to drink water. And with the price of bottled water going up, you can cease from buying bottled water and instead, purchase a water filter pitcher and refillable water bottles. You can stay hydrated without burning through your wallet.

Go Out for a Meal Once a Month

Of course, you need to reward yourself once in a while and you can use this to motivate yourself. You can go out with your teammates to celebrate after winning a softball tournament. You can also go out with your family and friends to a really nice restaurant and enjoy each other’s company.

Follow these softball nutrition tips that I have just shared with you and you would be sure to stay fit and healthy even during these financially hard times.

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Softball Tips How to Stay Healthy During Recession}