Dancing Water Fountains: From The Bellagio To The Back Yard

By David Faulkner

Dancing water fountains, like the world famous Dancing Waters of the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas, have been a real crowd-pleaser in many of the world’s resorts for decades. With computer-controlled timing, lighting, and music, the performances of dancing water fountains are choreographed as carefully as any Broadway musical, and are often scheduled as an accompaniment to holiday fireworks. While dancing water fountains must be professionally installed, they can be customized for individual use..

While large dancing water fountains are inappropriate for home gardens, they can add a unique touch to an office courtyard for a business or restaurant which wants to impress potential clients. Their expense, however, can make dancing water fountains more of an investment than an entertainment, so they should be installed only when there is a financial incentive for doing so. But when programmed to put on their displays to lights and music at scheduled intervals, they can be a drawing card, especially for restaurants.

The Bellagio And The Fountain Of Angels


The dancing water fountains of the Bellagio set the standard for dancing water fountains the world over. Measuring a quarter of a mile in length, the Bellagio fountains contain twelve hundred separate nozzles capable of shooting sprays of water to heights of tow hundred and forty feet. They also have more than four thousand lights, and are programmed to ‘dance’ to different musical selections on a fifteen to thirty minute schedule.

While they are not the dancing water fountains of the Bellagio, the Fountain of Angels in Carthage, Missouri is a twenty-minute water light, and music extravaganza from dancing water fountains which contain more than two hundred bronze sculptures , a candelabra fountain with sixty water jets, and an eighty foot high screen of water. Because the dancing waters of the Fountain of Angels perform to Gospel music, they are especially popular with area church goers.

Fountains For Your Home

If you really love dancing water fountains, and have the room and cash to spare, eight hundred dollars will get you a fifteen-inch diameter floating fountain which in all likelihood cannot be programmed to dance on command. They will never approach the performance of the gigantic dancing water fountains, but they can still dance, and add a unique feature to your home.

Regardless of whether you install your own dancing water fountain or plan you vacations to visit the cities around the world which have their own, you are just one among millions for whom dancing water fountains are the definition of drama and beauty.

When the wall has been installed, you can turn your attention to the various types of wall mount garden fountains from which you will have to choose. Some wall mount garden fountains simply hook to the wall, and these are the least expensive models. There are also wall mount garden fountains designed to be incorporated into the wall itself, and they should really be installed as the wall is being built. They are a considerably more expensive option.

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